Sunday, April 28, 2002

Zounds! It was a backslash. Stupid stupid backslash.
Umm... I can't help but wonder why everything is huge all of a sudden - it's like my blog was imported from Giant Land (Level 4) of that Super Mario Brothers 3 game. But I'm not sure how to change it, so I'll just have to sound as if I'm shouting for a while.

Last night I realized two things:

A) What I wrote was good, really good, and could yet be better, and
B) I am a Feeler. A hard-core tissue-toting cares-about-relationships feeler.

Today, I bought things. Parfum oils (now I can smell like a hippie) and beads (and wear hippie beads). It's been a slow weekend, and wonderful and creatively arty and laid-back and generally very nice. Right now I'm supposed to be reading articles that I will be tested on tomorrow as if the information contained therein is not propagandistic or subjective.

It's all about the environment, man, and not just like trees 'n shit. It's about how rooms feel, about how the colors affect you or what the smells remind you of. It's about being very picky about what things you want influencing you on a daily basis. I've been feeling frustrated by the crappiness of everything and feeling bad about how I'd like to be surrounded by things that make me feel a certain way, but it seems that we can't help this relationship, and just need to attempt to take control of it and figure out what's healthy for ourselves.

Um, yes, I'm finished. But a glimpse of what I'm talking about, this "feeling a certain way" might be helped by a visual: city could not stop. Aaahhh.

Friday, April 26, 2002

Do I have a look about me that says

"offer me free grocery coupons"?
"try to convert me"?
"I work here"?
"I am displeased with my long distance carrier"?

Then why does not the world leave me alone?

Free grocery coupons?

We figured out that the GRE sells information to companies who send pounds and pounds of junk mail. The Educational Testing Service is screwing you, screwing everyone! You are forced to take their tests and then they sell your name and address to the highest bidder! They make money off of inconveniencing you! Do something about it!

What if you're a malcontent but you can't help it? Think the world practically begs it of you?

Sunday, April 07, 2002

Fush me, baby!

It's weird how one can often see oneself reflected in the others, who are often miles away. Maybe you are right, baby, and we all share the same consciousness. Maybe, as a punishment for something bad the world did (like create evil!), the Mind split itself into billions of little pieces and hid them in humans, and humans lament the pain and lonliness and wondering that is alienation from the Mind.

If you ever want to become a vegetarian, here is a good tip from me, based only on my experience as a vegetarian: DO NOT eat fake meat products until you have pretty much forgotten what real meat tastes like (which in my case was a year and seven days). Then, eating a Smart Dog (soy hot dog) will be a joyous and guilt-free experience.

This quarter is reminding me why I hated high school so much. But, despite this, I am in a very good mood today. La