Thursday, February 28, 2002

A cross between Don Music and a hungover Beatle

My statistically significant other comes in with p < .001, so I think I'll keep him.

The Dean wants numbers, and I am here to give them to him.

Eight people visited this site last week. Eight people visit the site every week. It's weird. Who are you, eight people? You are not me.

Sigma-hat. Heh. Sigma-hat makes me laugh. It's sigma-cold outside! Speaking of hats, I have seen 3 hats that have obviously been dropped and forgotten today, on the floor or ground. Three hatless people walking around. Six cold ears. Sigma-ears cold without their sigma-hats.

The butter they put on my bagel today was very neon-colored. I was alarmed.

Friday, February 22, 2002

Yesterday, I accidentally

poked my dog in the eye. I felt really bad, but he forgave me instantly and let me know by rolling on his back and submitting to me.
We think our dog is very well behaved, but it might just be that he interprets our klutzy accidental hurtings-of-him as puttings-of-him-in-his-place. That would be sad.

Many things have come up recently, randomly, seemingly, but perhaps not. These things are: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, overstuffed/broken/dissappearing e-mail boxes, and ... well, actually only two things. But they've come up a lot.

eeym seeeeeeew bizzy. Ugh.

Friday, February 15, 2002

It's Friday night.

StinkDog is asleep on the floor. Other is in the shower. Friend is discovering her true love of women. I...

I am a sucker for dictionaries. I am sleepy. I am rather lonely. And boring. And I am doing nothing.

Today, we were to give a presentation in a class about Revision. Not Editing, not Proofreading, but Revision. We went to the room with our Power.Point.Presentation. and started setting up. The instructor wasn't there, but her stuff was. She breezes in, and said, "oh, wow, you're here already?" He is setting up the computer. I say, yes... we're doing the revision workshop today... She looks confused. "Well... okay..." I say, are you so-and-so? "No, I'm so-and-so." Well, I say, then we're in the wrong classroom.
She had called for tech support to set up the projector and computer and screen, which we had done before she returned.
We were not tech support. We were just misguided writing tutors wanting to talk about Revision.
The room we were supposed to present in did not have a projector.


Still got through it. How? I do not remember.

Friday, February 08, 2002

Marshmallow is too airy.

I got a box that is blue with shiny gold from Alaska via Virginia and Indiana, and this year is going into it. From the shoe sale of last weekend, I got another box (asics) into which I will transfer last year, which, for the moment, is in a lidless box (adidas) because there is no hope of finding the lid.

I read all this nice flowing sparkly warm prose of other weblogs and I think of flowing sparkly warm prose of my own, but it doesn't come to me when I'm here.

Marshmallow sucks.

I must say, I like bluishorange, but the comment-love-fest is starting to grate a bit. I've stopped reading them for the most part, because they remind me of high school mentality, only now it's not high school so those of us who were shunned in high school actually have a shot at being liked by a person with some celebrity.


Monday, February 04, 2002

Not even

any junk mail love.

Time to go stand out in the wicked cold and wait for the bus.