Sunday, January 20, 2002

Mazzy Swan, Among My Star... Mazzy Swan, Among My Star... aaugh

Boingo-boingo. Yay for not having school tomorrow and the extra procrastination that entails. StinkDog got me up at 4:14am and I took him outside in order to earn the right to go back to sleep. It's weird how at 4:14 the world was more awake than it normally is at 5:45. Other than brief forays into the night/morning, I have been getting enough sleep and taking iron, and I feel okay. I wouldn't say "revitalized," but I've definitely been upgraded to "human."

Tin came and visited me, and it was a solid good time. Tin didn't mind that I lacked hip/happening things to do at night, and was content with just talking through our lolling and comfortable conversations. She is a good friend.

Thursday, January 17, 2002


I just tried to spell "shirt" with a "u". I am out of it.

Eight people visited this site last week, and I apologize to however many people this actually was for not having updated for quite a while. I just didn't have interesting things to say like "boingo-boingo" then, but I do now, so here I am. (I'm also, by the way, having a hell of a time with homophones - "here" keeps almost coming out "hear" and during a tutorial today I wrote "there" instead of "they're." Boy was my tutee impressed.)

My classes are lots of work. Tuesdays and Thursdays are 13-hour days for me: 4 and a half hours and counting.

I'm exhausted in a general sense; my applications are done, so all that is left to do is worry and wish it were April; I've been relishing sleep rather unhealthily (relishing, not partaking in), which makes me think that maybe I'm not getting enough iron; I learned yesterday that you can tell by how red the inside of your eyelids are whether or not you are; I've spent way too much time standing in front of a mirror looking at the insides of my eyelids; I've been ingesting an unholy amount of soy protein in nearly every unnatural form man has come up with.

How are you?