Thursday, December 27, 2001


Bah. Break. Work, not enough money, reading and reading and reading.

Christmas was good. My family has the most secular Christmas celebration ever; "Jesus," if uttered, is part of a swear only. Any traditional actions performed (stocking hanging, gift exchanging, dinner eating, etc.) are only performed because they have been for at least the last 21 years in our household. It was the youngest's turn to "ruin Christmas" this year, and he did it well.

I finished Crime and Punishment today. Damn, what a good book. I also scrubbed the kitchen floor and vacuumed with my spanking new blue and grey hellion (hellion?) of a vacuum cleaner. I went out to dinner with my Other and a friend of said Other, and didn't talk much. People assume that that means I'm bored or uninterested at least or stupid, but I really just didn't have anything to add. What are my top 5 favorite movies? Umm...

I can't answer questions like that - overarching ones where I'm supposed to come up with a list or a single favorite in 3 seconds. Give me 5 hours, I'll get back to you. Things just don't occur to me out of context.

Thursday, December 20, 2001

Told you not to turn around.

The theme from Sanford and Son is following me around. I think I will make a mixed tape today. Hell, right now. ta.

Wednesday, December 19, 2001

all that and blackouts, too?

I can feel my computer slipping into oblivion. I think it's being tricky and sapping the functions first from the programs that I never use, so I'm less likely to notice right away that it's nearing combustion. Wicked, wicked, bad Zeut!

GRE practice is positively soporific.

I went home and did home-things like sell my minutes to The Man and see my buddy and pet my home-dog and loll around and watch TV and listen to the mixed tape my Other made me. All I can say is that when the last song was "I Don't Want To Live On the Moon" by Jim Henson, performed, of course, by Ernie, I was astonished at the mixed-tape making genius of my mate and almost wrecked the car.

Aside from feeling generally out-of-place in terms of existence and disliking my jobs and being stressed out over the tone, content, and length of these applications as well as the upcoming GRE CAT confrontation, I'm doing okay.

Monday, December 10, 2001

Ich bin


Well, first there were the papers (3) and the midterm (1), then there were the finals (3), then the GRE in English Literature Subject Test and (don't worry, GRE people - I only say that) it was sucky. Sucky sucky sucky. Then there is the personal statement, and the passing out of recommendation forms to recommenders for I, the recommendee. Then there is now, when I think I'm going to say "bah!" to all and eat ice cream and take a picture of my fingernail which is painted shiny light purple with "word" written on it in dark blue. StinkDog's hips are apparently bad, and he's getting x-rays tomorrow and they have to knock him out for it. We told him that he's going to have his food taken away at 8 tonight, so he's eating. Tell me he's not psychic.

Monday, December 03, 2001

Because once he's got his pants off, he probably won't leave.

Sunday, December 02, 2001

Whenever I attach a file to an e-mail, and it gets sent, I picture this envelope with wings flying through a dark night with a muffler dragging behind it, tied only with a chain of paperclips. I guess that when we don't understand how something works, the accompanying mental imagery becomes absurd to the point of meaninglessness.