Tuesday, July 31, 2001

In this age, a major event (such as a move) leads to new opinions about brands. Here are some of mine:

- U-haul sucks. They're rude, their trucks are crappy, and nobody should use them.
- Ryder rules. They were polite, competent, and the truck we rented from them was really really nice.
- Volunteers of America is wrought with incompetence. My Other scheduled a pickup, then called back a couple days later to confirm it. They had his name misspelled to the point of unrecognizability, had the wrong street number, and had the wrong apartment number. They also didn't bother to mention that the slightest wear on the piece of furniture they would be picking up would render it unsalable and therefore they wouldn't take it. They arrived at 4 minutes til 8 to tell us that.
- Comet, the cleaning agent, is absolutely amazing. The floor hasn't looked that clean since the day it was put down (sometime, we assume, during the 1960s).

I'll have more informative commentary on moving later.

Thursday, July 26, 2001

A busy Thursday?

Indeed. I was surprised, too.

If you look carefully, you can see that my shirt matches some of the color in my pants. But this, in the grand scheme of things, is unimportant.

We start moving tomorrow night. Aie.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001

How does U-Haul have any customers?

Perhaps they don't treat other people like they treated us. I've heard several bad things about that company in the past, but hadn't ever had a bad experience with them myself, until now. We called last Thursday to try to get a truck for the 28th, but first the guy, when he heard "Saturday-" snapped,
"we don't have any left for Saturday, you should've called earlier."
us: "no, Saturday the 28th."
U-Haul guy: "you can't reserve it this far in advance!"
us: "okay, when should we call to reserve it?"
U-Haul guy: "Thursday before."
us: "Oh, like today?"

Well, that got him mad. And we're never renting from U-Haul again, rather, attempting to rent from U-Haul again, considering the run-around they've put us through today. Do they get paid extra to be mean?

At any rate, we're renting from Ryder.

Monday, July 23, 2001

On July 21st every year,

I'm sucked out of the normal holding pattern that is a mundane but comfortable existence and warped into another dimension of unmitigated senseless misery. And then for days afterward, after being whipped back into the normal, I look back and murmur to whoever's listening, "it was my birthday."

But that's all over now, Bucky, and I failed a Physics test this morning, unless the curve helps out a 0. Luckily things included on the midterm weren't remotely discussed in recitation, which is the only part of the class I made an effort to understand (other than Lab, which is slated to be my saving grace).

They didn't let me orient myself to the dogs, and I was sad sad sad, but I got over it and skipped class anyway and drove home. I'll return my RSVP form for the next one and attend with everyone else who was too late comin to the July one like a good little sumeritan.

We're going out to see Louie the Dog tonight. We think Nice Dog Foster-Mom Lady must have this skewed but true impression of me and my Other. We're vegetarian grad students in English who pay weekly visits to our grandmothers and worship the earth. This is, of course, accurate, but there is another, darker side to the Us coin, one that includes depression, yelling, throwing things, storming out, soul-freezing glares, and heavy drug use. Okay, not heavy drug use, but that was a nice way to end the list. Seems a lot more badass then just having bad fights.

I drank some protein for lunch and have been screaming inside my head all day. Today is my attempt to look lanky and/or willowy, but being as how I'm not especially tall or remarkably skinny, perhaps I just look like a fashion revival from 1993, except my clothes fit now.

Saturday, July 21, 2001

normally unfathomable depths of misery can only be reached on birthdays.

they usually are, too, at least in my case.

Thursday, July 19, 2001

Homeward Trek

tonight. After I go get oriented to volunteering with dogs. Hopefully they will let me in even though I'm not registered, because the next orientation's in the middle of August. August BAD.

It's been a typical week. Boring. Too hot. A little rainy, but mostly just humid. Yucky. Boring.

Wednesday, July 18, 2001

"and I said 'no no no no, I don't smoke it no more,
I'm tired'a wakin up on the floor
no thank you please it only makes me sneeze
and then it makes it hard to find the door
(cha cha cha!)"

~Hoyt Axton
whenever i read the word "wednesday," i pronounce the dne and s.

same goes for "february."

Monday, July 16, 2001

Oh, man.

I am reading a book about dogs.


Thursday, July 12, 2001

Going back to having classes on Friday

is going to totally suck. As for now, thank God it's Thursday.

Wednesday, July 11, 2001

My first indication that today's lab was going to be a disaster

was when I realized that out of the three people in my lab group, *I* understood the task at hand best. Warning bells went off. The second indication was when my normal lab partner said she'd like to get done early because she had a midterm right afterward. The third indication was when even though all the weights would end up being on one side of the force table, both my lab partners (my normal one and one who'd joined the group because her normal lab partner wasn't showing up and we happened to be across the table) wanted to try it out anyway to see if it would balance. Uhh... yeah, maybe we should just recalculate the numbers. My fourth through about 479th indications were when we recalculated and got the professor's help and recalculated and all the weights were *still* on the same side of the force table.

I think I hate lab.

Sunday, July 08, 2001

"I don't know how it happened..."

it all took place so quick
but all I can do
is hand it to you
and your latest trick...

~Dire Straits

I am a little cart. I was sitting on my track, but this storm came up and knocked me off and water pushed me far, far away from it. Now I'm laying on my side, in what feels like grass, and I can't see anything except the sun, which is hurting my eyes.

Friday, July 06, 2001

Why is it that

we never get any practice in these matters of love and friendship? These are possibly some of the most important issues of your life, and you have to do them cold turkey. Is there anybody I can talk to about this?

Ohhh, wait... I was probably supposed to have learned how to deal with people on an emotional basis when I was trying out relationships is middle and high school. I learned how to shrug off a guy calling me back, after having called me 5 minutes before, and saying never mind, he didn't want to date me, because I'm stupid and ugly. Also learned: how to feel bad yet relieved when getting dumped over e-mail on my birthday. And we won't even *go* into what happened in high school. Somehow, though, the complexity of these situations don't seem comparable...

Thursday, July 05, 2001

A paragraph on the back of the book I just bought

says, "Even as he skewers the ridiculous and pompous, he brings a rare tenderness and poetic wit to the task." *sound of glee* I love skewerings!

The book is _Cute, Quaint, Hungry and Romantic_, by a person named Daniel Harris, and I'm enjoying it already.

Everything was off this morning.

I kept running into things and was unusually uncoordinated, which is a hard thing to be when you're me. But I made it to the big parking lot a lot faster than normally, and class was a little tedious but we got through it, and now I'm here. At work.
Halfway through many of my blog posts, I realize that the things I'm writing are things that should probably go into my handwritten journal and not shuffled out into cyberspace in order to burden cybergoers with undue mundanities. Sorry.

Wednesday, July 04, 2001

Girl, you got more of a life than I do...

Tuesday, July 03, 2001

Usually in the form of "I Need You,"

there is an apology. Grudgingly, and with a sense of the absurd, the other accepts.

I'm just sitting in Edgewise. I can't get a word out, in the public arena, 8 extraverts and me, maybe only 7 counting Mark, and by the time I get to talk they've arrived at what I'm going to say, and I'm frustrated and when I do talk everybody looks at me wishing I'd stop, because I'm pretty sure they don't particularly like me. Then Mom calls and my cousin's wife is pregnant - said in the way they said to Elaine "You gotta seetha bay-bee" and my other cousin met the President they're probably thinking aren't I sorry that I live in the midwest out in that corn field instead of that bastion of capitalist culture that is Washington D.C. In that corn field where depression is just a feeling and the cities still block the stars from the night sky. And I've got all her attention (unless there's a ruckus back home, which happens every 3 minutes) and all I can say is "there's really nothing going on."

Monday, July 02, 2001

It's Monday. I'm at work.

Missed one problem (out of 5) on my Physics quiz, which I think might be good. Decent enough anyhow to save the alarm for later in the quarter.

Now I'm drinking lots and lots of water, which I don't even like very much but it's something to be doing, I guess, and it's good for you - can't be bad for you, really, unless you drink gallons maybe, and I'm not doing that. Moderation, baby.


Sunday, July 01, 2001

Read all about it

_Confederacy of Dunces_ was excellent. Highly recommended. I'm terrible at reviewing things, but here's a shot: Everything in the story seemed in the right place; characters were fascinating and funny; it's pleasurable to actually read, not just finish reading; and completely engrossing.

It's been a pretty mellow weekend. Yesterday we had a Public Transportation Adventure, and rode the bus downtown, thinking up cliches and then finding something to take a picture of that would have that caption. Picked up the photos this morning, and most turned out well. Getting photos back makes me nervous, and I have no idea why. I've never had any traumatic getting-photos-back experiences.